33 Illustrated Literal Idioms, Puns and Proverb Jam Sessions Created By Keren Rosen

This is our introduction to illustrator Keren Rosen, and it makes us want to read lots and lots of Amelia Bedelia stories for the first time since we were young enough to not know how sex worked.

Ah, high school…

Anyway, Rosen takes a far lighter-hearted approach to funny bones everywhere than the preceding joke by smirking at literal illustrated interpretations of classic idioms. Really, it’s the kind of thing that makes it impossible not to at least chuckle quietly, even in a Ralph Wiggum “You Choo-Choo-CHOOSE Me!” kind of way.

Also, we admit that we’re all 12 years old inside and declared, “Hehehe, that heart has a bottom. It’s a butt.”

Don’t judge us.



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