33 Bad 1980’s Hairstyles Are Hysterically Awesome

As Billy Joel once sang, “The good old days weren’t always good.” Case in point? This greatest-hits collection of bombastic hairstyles from the 1980s.

Ah, yes. That decade when monoliths of cash lay buried beneath mountains of cocaine on every street corner, America couldn’t “just say no” to eight years of Reagonomics if the nation’s future decades down the road depended on it and virtually any man, woman or child above ground could officially stand more than six feet tall, as long as whoever was measuring counted the foot or so of teased, feathered and blown-out hair that began wherever the skull ended. Just take that parade of majestic manes in for a moment. Never dismiss the possibility that you share DNA with someone who won’t look at these jaw-dropping styles without shedding a single wistful tear and quietly singing in a near whisper, “And I ran, I ran so far awaaaaay…”

In fact, don’t be surprised if someone openly blurts out, “Who the hell sent them that picture?”

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom. It was the age of foolishness. Never forget.

Source – SoBadSoGood

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