56 Funny Text Messages That You’ll Pee Your Pants Over

Ah, the text message. The last time man so deftly pared direct communication to such an efficient mode, Twitter was born. We sometimes still don’t know that we’ve earned forgiveness for that.

Unfortunately, for all texting’s simplicity, many still haven’t mastered its more wily ways. Some have not yet learned to double-check numbers before sending something incredibly personal, salacious, or in inflammatory. Among them, just as many seem to have underestimated the simple glee of swiftly weirding an idiot out with one perfectly conceived and timed response.

In other instances, an entire older generation is held under siege by young, wily pranksters who not only know how to quietly and unassumingly nick a phone, but tamper with its text entry until its unsuspecting owner goes pants-on-head crazy enough to fling it into traffice because it keeps entering “Nugget” or “Nyoom” every time someone tries to type, “Your cat choked on a chicken nugget. I am so sorry.”

These 56 glorious repartees are as much cautionary tales as they are hall-of-fame entries in the annals of screwing with people for fun and profit.

Source – Buzzfeed & Pleated-Jeans

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