32 Funny Ad Fails That Didn’t Go As Marketing Planned

We all know that ads are everywhere. In the middle of your YouTube video, before the movie, in between your favorite show, lining the road, plastered on the sides of cars. Literally everywhere. This makes us generally pretty sick of ads. We roll our eyes when the next commercial comes on and tend to ignore the billboards lining the highway on a road trip. Fortunately, when the ads don’t go like planned we can have a good laugh. It almost makes it all worth it. Below are some of our favorite ad mistakes of all time.

This one was simply placed in a bad area. For viewers across the tracks, the invitation to come a little closer is pretty morbid. Even worse, the ad was for a funeral service.


We’ll never get tired of our fast food breakfast sandwiches. The placement of these two ads next to each other should have been thought through a little better.


The ad on the back of this truck that reminds us of the work ethic of its employees. They should have made the font a little bigger.


This one that is eerily familiar to one of the country’s greatest tragedies. Really James Bond? Really?


When the ad during your YouTube video comes up at just the wrong time. Might want to recalibrate the algorithms.


Don’t do drugs kids. Unless you’re in Hillsdale.


Surely this couldn’t have been an accident. Someone had to have thought about the placement of this bus ad.


And this one… the drug store may want to reorganize which aisles the cough drops and condoms are in.


Luckily for you, there are plenty more ad fails to go around. The ones below speak for themselves.. In their own unique way. Scroll on and check them out!


Source – Chive

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