3 Ways Square Cash Is An Essential Element Of Sane Holiday Spending

The holiday seasons weeds out the cash-flow management amateurs from the savvy money managers that this yearly celebration of frantic spending never seems to drain of cash reserves. That goes triple for business owners buried alive beneath an ocean of spreadsheets and invoices swept in by swollen demand for every product and service under the sun from the day after Thanksgiving until the sun sets on New Year’s Day. The absurdly easy-to-use Square Cash app can make a game-changing difference in where your fiscal decisions land you when the dust settles this January.

From the instant you first open either the Android or iOS app, Square Cash is the next most convenient personal finance resource to having a shrunken accountant, cashier, and bank teller living in the comfort of your pocket. Within seconds, it connects your newly created account to your bank using a debit card. It tailors its presentation to whether you expect to ordinarily use the app to send and receive money among friends and family or manage the currents of funds streaming in and out of a business.

All told, from completed download to your first transfer, Cash app needs only about five minutes to dramatically streamline the way to shuffle funds.


Does togetherness ever seem like such a costly luxury as when the holidays roll around? Parties need planning. Gifts need purchasing. A simple, casual meetup can suddenly hinge upon awkwardly splitting tabs for opulent dinners to catch up on lost time, collecting money to buy clusters of seats for special events, and even chipping in for babysitters to free the grown-ups for an evening on the town in the first place.

Square Cash kisses the money shuffle goodbye. Funds pass from app or credit card to bank account in seconds with instant availability. Whoever covers the tab provides everyone else with a personalized Cash Tag URL, and everyone can chip in their share before anyone can ask, “Who ordered the lobster?” It’s the freedom to pay anyone, anywhere, instantly.


The Cash Tag is the Square Cash app’s secret to making it as easy to pay others and get paid as sending an emoji-laden text message. Your perfectly unique username guides anyone directly to a secure personal landing page to send money for any reason at all – from providing goods and services to a generous Yuletide cash gift.

Cash app users can rest easy displaying their Cash Tags publicly for every purpose from a virtual tip jar to gathering charitable donations knowing that their accounts are safeguarded behind certified PCI-DSS Level 1 protection. The world celebrates this season as a time of giving and generosity in full bloom around every corner, but it’s also prime hunting season for scammers who would seek to make a fast, dishonest buck at a trusting, unsuspecting mark’s expense. Activate optional touch identification and CVV protection measures to throw up extra layers of dependable safeguards against a compromised account. Instant push, text, and email alerts verify every transaction without delay. To date, the Cash app’s transaction system has safely transferred tens of billions of dollars worldwide.


The Square Cash app streamlines one of the most valuable objectives for any profitable business: minimize costs and pass the savings along to your customers.

Find a way to strip down as many costs of engaging your products and services as possible, especially during this year-end run of particularly bombastic spending, and you’ll demonstrate a considerate approach doing business that wins you customers for life. Neither credit card nor Cash app payments hit customers with any additional fees for paying you using your Cash Tag. Carefully controlling overhead and keeping costs as stable as possible become especially crucial cornerstones of profitability when a sales blitz strikes. Cash makes it easier to predict and offset your payment-processing costs by deducting a simple 2.75% fee off the top of every amount received. Just as importantly, deposits to your bank are instantly available to spend within seconds.

You work as hard every holiday season for the high tide of revenue flowing through your business as your customers work for the very money they want to spend with you. Cash lets you drastically shrink the price your patrons pay to support you, maintains a dependable cost of doing business that will never catch you off-guard, and allows you to keep more of the money you make instead of sinking unreasonable chunks of it into simply being able to accept payments at all.

This season, treat yourself to the gift of smarter money management. The Square Cash app securely moves funds in seconds with no cost to send, a single flat rate to receive, and instant availability. Banking has scarcely ever been faster, easier, or more refreshingly convenient.






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