This $294,038 Book Self Destructs In 24 Hours. Get It FREE & Watch It Explode!

Fans of Mission Impossible will be used to the famous ‘this message will self-destruct’ line, but they probably never expected to hear it from their book!

Yet this book from James Patterson called ‘Private Vegas’, comes in a digital version that erases its own text after one day. He’s giving away 1,000 self-destructing versions for free, so get moving if you’d like to join in the fun.

Self Destructing Book by James Patterson

Oh, you were hoping for fireworks? Well actually Patterson is selling an actual, genuine self-destructing copy for a rather costly $294,038. Sounds dangerous? The book also comes with a dedicated bomb squad. Like any good page turner should of course… Consider you’re spending that much money on something that you’ll only get to enjoy for 24 hours and which may blow your hands off it does seem a little much to spend.

That said, this is certainly probably going to be an exciting read… And it’s also a great test for those who like speed reading. It’s also easy to imagine that the remains of either the vanishing ink copies or the exploding copy will be worth quite a lot one day. Mostly though, it’s just a very clever marketing stunt!

Source – Engadget & SelfDestructingBook


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