29 Intricate Hand-Carved Pencil Lead Sculptures Are Incredible

Not so artsy fartsy? Would you rather see something interesting in the everyday scheme of things? Every day people are finding new art mediums all around them. It’s the way of the world. In this latest installment the inspiration is the ever-lucrative medium of pencil lead.

Yep, that’s right. Forget those erasers, because artist Salavat Fidai is showcasing these graphite pencil masterpieces that speak for themselves. From Darth Vader, Batman, guns a blazin’, fists of freedom a pumpin’, to other pop culture references, you’re bound to find some interest in these tiny hand-sculpted beauties.

Well these pieces aren’t for everybody, surely you can appreciate this practical application of artistic talent. Too cool for art? Don’t be a block head; get down with some pencil lead.



Source – Hypebeast via Salavat Instagram

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