28 Funny Panhandling Signs Will Have You Searching Your Pockets Deeper Than Ever Before

Nobody likes carrying change around, and to make matters worse that homeless guy with the sign is giving you the hairy eyeball. Before you drown yourself in tidal waves of shame, read the poor guy’s sign. You may be pleasantly surprised.

This list of 28 Panhandling signs will make you do a double take. Apparently even the homeless can get creative, and if they can, then so can you! Just because you don’t have any coinage doesn’t mean you have to sit and do nothing. Get crafty and hand out some quirky signs to those corner dwellers (NOT prostitutes!) for a sure-fire way to fill up their empty pockets.  So give them some money.

After all, it’s not their fault they’re broke. They probably just spent all their money on cardboard and markers.

Source – 22words

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