27 Dogs That Look Like Their Owners

Human See, Human Do: People Interpret Their Pooches’ Expressions

One day about three years ago, a notion struck Ines Opifanti that we can’t believe had eluded photographers before him.

See, the Hamburg, Germany photographer had just adopted a puppy and was transfixed by how she would “smile” ear-to-ear in the most fascinatingly human way when he would rub her belly. That got him thinking about capturing in vivid fashion how humans “read” and interpret the facial expressiions of the dogs who own them. So, of course, he gathered 30 enthusiastic local dogs and their Facebook-frequenting humans to play around with praise and treats and bright flashing lights and clicking cameras….then, we imagine he had to figure out how to keep the dogs interested.

Kidding. Kidding.

The interactions between the dogs and their humans kept the pooches calm, relaxed and behaving fearlessly and naturally amid all the activity. Then it was time for the humans to have some fun mimicking their best friends’ facial mannerisms. The results are, at the same time, hilarious, warm, and somewhat amazing. We swear, one of those ladies and her dog have both mastered the same set of bedroom eyes. No lie: weirdly turned-on over here.

Amazing, isn’t it? Two entirely different species – no relation whatsoever. Yet, sit them down together, lighten the mood just so, keep everyone comfortable, and you’d never know we didn’t come from the same mother after all.

Source – BoredPanda via ines-opifanti.com

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