26-Foot Toyota Tundrasina Is A Ridiculous Length Of Luxury

Some would look at Toyota’s freakishly luxurious 26-foot-long “limousine” pickup truck and ask, “Why?” Others gaze upon the belle of the 2015 SEMA Show’s Las Vegas parade of ridiculously modded cars and sweet aftermarket additions and ask with admiration, “Why not?”

Just to clear up the tale of the tape, the multifaceted Japanese automaker’s Tundrasine outstrips the length of a standard Tundra pickup by a good 90 inches and tips the scales at 2,288 pounds of sexy, elegant steel and leather – barely under an even four tons.

Yes, the mad scientists of Top Gear have re-shaped both a Fiat Panda and Saab 9000 into limos, as The Verge helpfully points out. Lincoln Town Cars or a Cadillac CTS, they weren’t, but “A” for effort. Nevertheless, let’s not pretend any of these quite compare to cruising among the silver-spoon cream of the crop in swank brown-leather interior that Toyota claims is a nod to most luxury private jets’ standards for interior upholsteries.

Source – TheVerge via Toyota

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