25 Backyard Party Ideas to Go From A Bomb to an Awesome Summer Party!

Your backyard has been a graveyard since the last day of summer last year. It’s clear by the thick layer of algae in your pool. You know the sun’s just waiting to make us all miserable this summer, but thanks to your couch-based channel surfing you’re gonna have to make a mad scramble for some fresh ideas this summer.

Whether your just creatively-challenged or simply lazy, there’s a number of thrifty ideas you can do to spruce up that desert of a backyard without delving too deep into that abused wallet of yours.

Are you a wine-o? Use those empty wine bottles as decorative vases for your guests. Got some leftover 2×4’s from your failed attempts at being a handyman? Cut em’ up for some giant Jenga time! Once the beer and mixed drinks set in, play some glow-in-the-dark ring toss for some easy entertainment. Avid movie junkie? Project some embarrassing home movies in your backyard for some easy laughs.

Armed with crazy cool ideas to transform you into that hipster you’ve always dreamed of being, you’ll be hosting great parties in no time!

Source – ViralNova

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