23 Beyond Stupidly Dangerous Overloaded Vehicles Ever Attempted

You know that time when you and friends are all going to go somewhere after your friend just got their drivers licence to realize that theres not enough room in your their tiny car to take everyone. Sure, you get a bit creative by sitting on each others laps, and even shoving a guy or two in the trunk, everyone laughing, secretly fearing for your life. While these surely worked, albeit uncomfortably, there are some places in the world that people have no fear, or common sense. Those people can be seen in this installment of overstuffed vehicles compilation.

Overloaded-Vehicles-23 Overloaded-Vehicles-1 Overloaded-Vehicles-2 Overloaded-Vehicles-3 Overloaded-Vehicles-4 Overloaded-Vehicles-6 Overloaded-Vehicles-7 Overloaded-Vehicles-8 Overloaded-Vehicles-9 Overloaded-Vehicles-10 Overloaded-Vehicles-11 Overloaded-Vehicles-12 Overloaded-Vehicles-13 Overloaded-Vehicles-14 Overloaded-Vehicles-15 Overloaded-Vehicles-16 Overloaded-Vehicles-17 Overloaded-Vehicles-18 Overloaded-Vehicles-19 Overloaded-Vehicles-20 Overloaded-Vehicles-21 Overloaded-Vehicles-22


Source – EMGN

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