21 Unique Holiday Traditions In Other Countries You Wish We Had

The benefits of holidays in America amount to mostly a day off, if you’re lucky, or at least time-and-a-half pay. But, in other countries, holidays are hands-on experiences that usually involve alcohol; lots of alcohol.

Did you know, in Germany, their father’s day holiday is celebrated by a bunch of guys, presumably fathers, pulling a cart full of beer, brandy and anything else alcoholic you can drink, up a hill. And then, when all has been drunk, then the men attempt to walk down the hill. Minus the cart, it could be a German father’s day, every day in America.

How about the Jewish holiday, Purim, where they dress-up and drink for two days straight, with the goal of getting so drunk they can’t tell what is… what? Or, the holiday in Spain where kids sing about a yule log that ‘poops’ out treats.

As crazy as these holidays sound, they are as real as Christmas and the Easter bunny, and there are many more you can learn about here:

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Source – Cracked

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