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Reversible Skull Scarf Brings A Bit Of Classy Biker Home For The Holidays

This imported Reversible Skull Scarf proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what Tim Burton told us 22 years ago next month: even with Christmas thick in the air, there’s always room for a little something darker and heavier on the side.

Long and elegant, it looks impeccably at-home in any setting, whether you should choose the Charcoal Gray-Black, Red-Black or Coffee Brown motif. You may be surprised just how cozy and warm this acrylic wrap can be for something so pleasingly soft and lightweight. It’s just the right subtle “out-there” something to set any ensemble artistically apart on chilly winter nights.

Since it’s reversible, why not pick up the whole trio? It’s like getting six scarves for the price of three – triple the wintery bang for your buck.


Mens Skull Scarf Black White GreySkull Scarf Coffee Brown 1Mens SKull Scarf Worn - RedMens Skull Scarf Worn - BrownSkull Scarf Red Black 2

9.5 Total Score
Awesome Classy Yet Artistic Design

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$24.99 59.99 Buy Here
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