193 James Bond Gadgets Compilation Honors 50 Years In A Single Supercut

The latest chapter in Daniel Craig’s run as the latest set of broad shoulders to bear the legendary James Bond’s legacy has hit theaters, and it’s at least the most polarizing recent installment, if also an undoubtedly successful one. The critics giving it a harder time than others have complained that returning to the more gadget-happy days of decades ago, per fans’ clamoring, made a mess of what has been a more refreshingly “grounded” reimagining so far.

Still, many a Bond aficionado has been quick to rave that it’s nice to see 007 out-tech the bad guys again, what with things getting a bit grim since 2006’s hit CASINO ROYALE.

We just have to wonder, how does anything Craig brings to the table stack up compared to some of the toys Q has handed over ranging from the impressively practical (and, sometimes, rooted in tools of real-life spycraft) to the sometimes indefensibly silly?

Apparently, Burger Fiction shared out nostalgic curiosity and is ready to take the world once around the block in the Wayback Machine in a 16-minute chronological supercut showcasing all 193 of Bond’s most ingenious toys brought into play over the course of the franchise’s 26 films.

Thanks, guys. We’d happily forgotten about the spy-broom.


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