19 Things That Will Make You Scream In Helpless Horror

Life sucks sometimes. No matter how hard you try to get through the day, Murphy’s law just slaps you in the face over and over again. This compilation is dedicated to all the times we have been screwed by events beyond our control. All you can do is scream. Luckily none of these poor bastards are you. The last one is the best.


When you accidentally mix up your morning coffee with last nights dinner sauce.


coffee confusion

When your friend lets you crash on his couch and it decides to eat you while your trying to whack it to some porn.


couch fail

When your about to open your car door to drive to work, finally on time, and THIS happens.


door knob fail


Your kid thinks the marker is the same as a stylus on your non touchscreen new computer.


draw on computer screen fail

Morning breakfast is ruined for the rest of the week.


dropped egg fail


You dropped your phone on the filthy public bathroom floor before you had a chance to finish wiping.

dropped phone fail


You misjudged the ramp on your first stop for the day.


egg fail

The only key to your apartment is locked inside


lanyard key stuck in door


You forgot to use oven mitts because you felt it wasn’t that hot and you could quickly grab the pizza and flip it onto the plate.

oven fell apart


The damn top to the hot pepper flakes was left partially unscrewed by those a-hole kids.

pizza pepper fail


Pop tart factory schmeerer was a bit off that day.


pop tart fail



Your morning health shake spilled over your entire console and you don’t have any napkins in your glovebox. Extra pain as you watch it dripping into every crevice knowing that you’ll never get it fully clean as long as you own the car.


smoothy dumped on console fail

Your spaghetti and meatball dinner spills everywhere while you are eating dinner naked. Alone.


spaghetti drop

You find THIS near the bottom of the mug after drinking 3/4 of the way down.

spider in coffee fail


You think the cops will be sympathetic when somethings wrong and you’ll be right back.


ticket with note

You forget to put sunscreen on and think, NAH. I’ll be alright. Its not that sunny out.


uneven sunburn fail


This Guy. Poor Bastard.


vacuum stuck in elevator

You just got to work you realize you should have paid more attention.


2 different shoes



Your pants got stuck in the chair wheel , there is nothing to cut your pants and the only way to escape is to take off your pants, while at work…minutes before people about to come in.


pants stuck in chair

Source – Diply


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