19 Of Your Favorite Animated Cartoon Characters Are Creepy In Real Life


Over the years our most beloved cartoon characters have been a part of our childhood and our adult lives. These characters have so much personality that quite often many of us feel as though they are more than just ink on paper. Over the years there have been numerous contests and studies done by people to see what these flat cartoons would look like if they were taken to the next level and given a bit more dimension, and life. Below are the results.


Alfred E. Newman

real alfred e newman




Buzz Lightyear




real buzz lightyear



Fred Flintstone


real fred flinstone



Professor Harmsworth



real futurama





Bart Simpson



real life bart simpson


Montgomery Burns & Homer J Simpson


real life montgomery burns

Beavis and Butthead


real life beavis real life butthead



Charlie Brownreal life charlie brown

Dungeon Master


real life dungeon master

Jessica Rabbit


real life jessica rabbit

Patrick Star


real life patrick star  spongebob

Peter Griffinreal life peter griffin

Popeyereal life popeye



real life shaggy

Stewie Griffin

real life stewie griffin

Super Mario


real life super mario



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