19 Delectable Foods On A Stick Reach Taste-Bud Nirvana

The state fair, your backyard, it doesn’t matter. Summer is the perfect time for food on a stick. No fuss no muss, right? Whether you’re a lean mean grilling machine or just have a really bad oral fixation, these foods on a stick will keep you salivating as well as give you some fresh ideas.

Got a taste for fire-grilled goodies? Flame on with some juicy chicken satay or get healthy with some veggie shish kabobs. More of a flirt? Wrap that tongue around an ice cream bar or a lollipop in those daisy dukes while you exert your salacious authority over those drooling guys.

Simplicity meets taste-bud nirvana when you’re beating the heat with these tasty items. After all, good things gotta stick together, right?


Source – Diply

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