17 Real Horrifying Real Medieval Torture Devices Were Unbelievable!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Medieval Torture Devices are perhaps the most gruesome instruments of torturing people that have ever existed.  Most of these were created during the Middle Ages as a legitimate way to extract confessions, execute people, or brutally punish people for crimes, and instill fear in others to prevent them from doing the same. While there are countless torture techniques and devices used, below are some of the most disturbing we have come across. Beware, they will keep you up at night.

Judas Cradle

For days, the unfortunate victim would sit on top of this point, with their legs tied. The more they moved, the more pain it caused. Often ropes would force them down harder onto the point. The point, which was never washed.

judas cradle


Coffin Torture

Encased in a cage that did not allow the victim any room to move, they would be kept in here, motionless. If the were too fat to fit. Too bad. They would be left there until the vultures feed on their remains.

coffin torture


Brazen Bull



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Medieval Weaponry
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