17 Funny Amazon Reviews Who Are Destined For Great Things In Life

“Internet Fame” blossoms in degrees – not all of them bearing the fruit of lucrative self-starting careers. For every PewDiePie, Hannah Nart, Jenna Marbles or SMOSH that parlay stumbling upon an unthinkably enthusiastic YouTube audience into opportunistic entrepreneurial careers, there are millions such as these 17 snarky, occasionally dim-witted Amazon reviewers for whom making others chuckle and the bragging rights of escalating upvotes are rewards enough unto themselves.

OK, so they unfortunately aren’t all trying to amuse fellow shoppers. No, that probably wasn’t exactly what Amazon meant when they asked you to optionally add an image to your experiences with the Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater – nice selfie, though, five stars. Also, pointing out that Konami’s soccer video game PES 2016 is, in fact, NOT EA Sports’ annual rival FIFA 16 doesn’t really tell us much. Kind of makes us feel sorry for what you must have written about FALLOUT 4, though.

“Not CALL OF DUTY. Would give negative stars if I could.”

The rest? Well, think of these kinds of tongue-in-cheek consumer feedback like experiencing live stand-up comedy. Some of these folks may aspire to be the funniest writers and comedians of their generation. They descend upon Amazon for a few sparring rounds that can work wonders for developing a written voice and a certain capacity to improvise. You may, right now, be reading a review by the next Chris Hardwick, Conan O’Brien, Jonah Ray, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Joel Hodgson or Mike Nelson, for all you know.

Occasionally, even the legendarily light-hearted George Takei has been known to drop in and take the piss out of the odd product or two.

Just sit back, relax, and be prepared to admit to yourself, “That’s someone who can really appreciate a quality male chastity device.”


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