17 Chilling Pictures Of “Real Ghosts” To Start Fall With A Fright

Be gone with your pumpkin-spice nonsense – well, if we’re being honest, we’ll still take any extra pumpkin-spice muffins off your hands. After that, though, be gone!

This is no time for absurdly early game-planning of Christmas decorations. Nor was it adding the same rustic flavor to every-damn-food under the sun that ever made us happy as a puppy standing in a magical reign of bacon and legless cats. Rather, this slideshow of 17 eerie photographs purportedly capturing wandering spirits on film reminds us this is the time of year when we let ourselves believe just a LITTLE bit more easily in the unprovable, unexplained, and otherwise unbelievable.

We aren’t rubes. We get it. A good many of these shots have captured nothing more bonechilling that reflected dust or some stray light that bounced off a particularly shiny surface – probably both, if we’re being really honest. A good several more inspire us to stand and applaud some mighty adequate Photoshopping.

Maybe it’s simply this most wonderful time of the year. Maybe the recent loss of Wes Craven has hit us just a bit hard where it hurts our nightmares most. Whatever the reason, there’s a certain harmless satisfaction we embrace in looking at these and just wondering, “What if?”

Source – Diply

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