15 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Furniture Fashioned After Delicious Food

Someone of profound mind once told us, “The moment your heart no longer sings at being able to play four straight hours of video games while lounging on top of a doucle cheeseburger, that’s the moment you’ve smothered the child within you.”

We never again saw that amazing sage-like old gentleman outside the Circle K who smelled of cabbage and death. He muttered something about “so many smothered children” as he shuffled down an alley, looking nervously over his shoulder with every step. But we tasted the Thunderbird-soaked truthiness in his words that day.

Man knows no greater rest than that which he finds atop cushy furniture shaped like giant-sized comfort food. When we come upon our final breath, may we breathe our last atop a full-length chocolate sofa.

Source – Homerux

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Going to sleep hungry is NOT an option

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