13 Worst Fails From 2014. Poor Bastards!

Simply because we all enjoy the hilarity and humanity of a good fail, here are the top fails we have come across today for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy and comment below for your favorites. Add your own below.

Balance Beam Fail
balance beam fail

Chain Jump Rope Fail

jump chain fail

Factory Automation Fail

automation fail

Boxer Fail


boxing fail

Baseball Cameraman Fail

camera man fail

Wheel barrel Failwheelbarrel fail

Motorcycle Wipeout Failmotorcycle fail

Motorcycle Hit The Wall Failmotorcycle fail 2

Angry Basketball Hoop Failkid basketball fail

Spinning Ice Skater Failice skater fail


Tow Truck Car Ditch Fail

car ditch fail

Parking Fail

parking fail

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