13 Funny Wildlife Photo Award Winners You’ll Laugh At Today

Nothing showcases everything we love about the animal kingdom quite like this showcase of 2015’s most lighthearted wildlife snapshots.

Some make us grin just because they couldn’t have been timed more perfectly if taken and retaken a hundred times more. Such as this year’s top Comedy Wildlife Photography Award-winner “Rush Hour” capturing a furry little fellow stampeding down a path, all four feet off the ground. Come to think, that goes double for the face-planing cheetah a good ways down the list.

Others, such as the boogie-down lemur with a wicked case of Saturday Night fever? They remind us just how curiously “human” animals can seem sometimes.

The best of the bunch, however, are the most carefree. Look at that gorilla, mining some nostril gold. We could all stand to be so carefree as a damn dirty, booger-flicking ape.

Source – Comedy Wildlife

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