12 Unique Cosplay Ideas That Will Crush Your Soul

Cosplay represents a fantastic opportunity to get creative and to enjoy seeing what it might be like to step into the shoes of your favorite superheroes for a day.

At the same time though, Cosplay has also turned into something of a competition. With technology improving all the time the costumes are getting more and more elaborate – and none moreso than that Iron Man kid with all the moving parts and the flashing lights. How are you meant to compete with that?

Well how about thinking outside the box and coming up with something a bit different and more interesting? Here are 12 ideas for Cosplay that are a bit different and that can make you stand out even if your costume isn’t technically perfect.

For instance, how about these mashup ideas? Think storm trooper who is actually Snow White underneath, or Iron Man with Wolverine claws. Or what about zombie/pimp/ballerina versions of your favorite heroes?

There are tons more examples of creative solutions to the Cosplay-is-overdone problem which open up entirely new avenues. Read on, be inspired and never feel like your costume isn’t impressive enough again. Or of course you can just enjoy the photos with no intention to recreate them…

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Source – Oddee

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