12 Close-Up Pictures Of Bees & Flys Will Change The Way You View Insects

As a general rule, human beings are all too often prone to dismissing from afar what can be inescapably fascinating up-close.

Take your average insect, for example. We don’t necessarily mean strictly the most exotic, vibrantly colored species, either. Seen with a naked eye from a typical vantage point, we don’t look upon a common house fly and think, “What a remarkably attractive bug you are.” We’re mostly looking for the nearest magazine we can roll up to transfer the six-legged pest to Jesus after a satisfying life feasting on God-only-knows what.

Just scope out these 12 incredible close-ups of otherwise “ordinary” bees, however. They are almost all so incredibly colorful, it’s clear Mother Nature was painting with one very fine brush when designing these miniature marvels.

Source – SoBadSoGood Via USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program

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They Look Like Aliens

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