$100 Money Beanbag Chair That Scrooge McDuck Would Love To Own

Do you love money? Who doesn’t!

So why have a regular beanbag when you could have a beanbag that looks like a giant wad of cash? That way you can demonstrate just how much you love money by actually sitting on it 24/7.

And actually, being oblong in shape (like money), this beanbag from Wow! Works is also particularly well suited to all types of reclined positions and can double as a kind of sofa for guests.

  • Product Dimensions: 51 x 21 x 16 inches ; 7.3 pounds

It’s eye catching, different and certainly ostentatious… but you love it!

Note: will not work as legal tender.

Money Beanbag Chair Lounge

Money Beanbag Chair Rich

Money Beanbag Chair Size

Money Beanbag Chair Side

Money Beanbag Chair


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