10 Unique Nature Themed Bathroom Ideas

‘Nature’s toilet’ is an expression you can use when peeing in the sea/a river/the street in order to feel a little less bad about yourself.

If you’ve taken inspiration from one of these awesome themed bathroom designs though, then it might just be a rather literal description of your own bathroom.

Evolutionarily, we all have an urge to use toilets in the wilderness. We evolved peeing in bushes and burying our excrement with our hands and this is something that we yearn to get back to on a primal level. In fact, when you evacuate your bowels in the wild, you do so more thoroughly and thus it’s better for your health.


Okay so all of that is just a lie with no truth to it…

But nevertheless, nature themes are a fun way to spruce up your home. They’re also oddly relaxing and the bathroom is one of the few places where it’s okay to get pretty experimental.

Granted, some of the ideas on this list take things a little far but if you want to get creative and outdoorsy in your own bathroom, then you can a leaf out of any of these books for inspiration (that was a pun).

Do Nothing Bathroom

Mirror Bathroom

rustic bathroom

Waterfall Bathtub

Living Moss Bathmat

Garden Bathtub

Nature Wall Bathroom

Nature Bathtub

Glass See Through Bathtub

Nature Bathtub

Bathroom In Paradise


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