10 Impossible Bets You Are Guaranteed To Always Win

“No such thing as a ‘sure thing’,” eh? Well, hypothetical sir or madam who just tried to prevent us from doing something irredeemably stupid, we would no sooner believe that than accept that all our dads didn’t really step out to pick up pizza and RC Cola 25 years ago at exactly the same time and probably won’t be back any minute now like Mom said through her tears on our birthday.

Now, YouTube producer of Quirkology and author Richard Wiseman? There’s a guy that gets us. In just under four minutes today, he showed us 10 bets that anybody can win against any adversary. None of them employ outright lies or bullshit riddles, either. From shaking up a soda bottle to fill a balloon over its opening with liquid in under 30 seconds to manipulating static electricity to knock a paper strip off a quarter placed beneath a clear cup, these are just charming ways to win a dollar or a beer from a friend or maybe even impress a date with a little showmanship.

While you’re at it, should you decide you could do with about 91 more easy-win bets for the next time you want to goof on somebody, you can follow the UK and US links to pick up Wiseman’s latest book, “101 Bets You Will Always Win,” today.

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