10 Illusions You Can Do Now That Will Blow Your Friends Minds Up

Brusspup’s Parlor Tricks Will Slaughter Your Productivity And Make You Like It

OK. Fine. We admit it: at the end of the day, for all our reveling in gleefully ingenious nerdiness, there’s an easily amused primitive inside us all that can’t avert a gaze of wonderment from a flickering lighter’s plume or pass up the bursting serenity of popping bubble-wrap.

We point this out because you have to understand, we never asked Brusspup to savagely murder our productivity. We may not have wanted this, but these simple-but-stunning parlor tricks just leave us – and over two million fellow subscribers – spellbound with science.

Have a minute or two that’s suddenly expendable over a coffee break? Might we suggest starting with the colorful beauty of tonic water glowing brilliantly beneath a black light. Experience at least ten of the ways simple paper can astound and amaze with just a little artful folding. Top it all off with a dancing quartet of rings bound to hold your next pack of visiting children’s vulnerable attention spans hostage long enough to down a glass of wine. Just add styrofoam, sandpaper, and an everyday glue gun.

Ah, the sweet simplicity of science.

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Source – Gizmodo

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