10 Chemical Reaction GIFs To Make You Rethink Life At Its Most Amazing

Think about something with us for a moment as you revel in these 10 incredible GIFs – just a moment of awe-igniting, illuminating perspective.

Think of the most jaw-dropping explosive action sequence you’ve ever seen committed to modern film. Any sequence it all. It could be the incineration of the White House in INDEPENDENCE DAY or perhaps the Nakatomi Building’s destruction in DIE HARD. Maybe the elaborate, balletic lobby shootout from THE MATRIX still leaves your jaw in the dust. Imagine all the carefully measured orchestration of pyrotechnics and meticulously constructed set pieces, followed in many an instance by one misfired take after another.

Now…indulge in the moment-by-moment fleeting beauty of these slowed-down chemical reactions and realize, nature designs these exact materials to react exactly this way in exactly these circumstances with absolutely repeatable dependability. There is more epic, explosive fury in the simplest chemistry viewed at a leisurely crawl than Michael Bay has ever dared to dream of.









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