​Smallest Terrarium With Japanese Marimo Moss Balls Increases Happiness According To Legend

Special gifts are ones that will be remembered, and when giving gifts it is best to find a truly unique one, just like the Marimo pet mini aquarium that is in the shape of an orb. This footed ‘tiny’ orb is definitely a special gift idea for anyone who appreciates nature.

It’s perfect for decorating a home or office spaces, and makes for an interesting conversation piece because you don’t see a pet mini aquarium everyday. What makes it so special is that there is fresh water algae growing inside from Hokkaido, Japan.

According to legend, anyone possessing a moss ball will benefit from increased peace and happiness, which is surely what everyone could use a little more of today.

The mini aquarium footed glass orb comes with a tiny seashell, one bag of colorful glass gravel, and a small decorative sea fan.

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A Tiny Pet With Lots Of Love

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