​50 Plant Organic Container Garden Grows Lots Of Plants In A Single Pot

If you have ever had the desire to grow food at home, but thought it was impossible because you don’t have the space available, think again! Now, with the Garden Tower 2, you can have your own garden and grow up to 50 plants in only 4 square feet of space.

Easily grow vegetables, herbs or flowers, without having to till land using gardening tools, or spend a lot of money on an expensive and difficult to maintain hydroponics system. This vertical soil-based garden is the answer to growing food easily at home, and provides a great way to turn kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer. It is a simple, yet revolutionary, way to grow fresh food at home, and it’s ideal for urban gardening because all you need is 4 square feet of space and access to sunlight.

Basically, this garden tower eliminates all the undesirable aspects of gardening, such as weeding and tilling, the need for a large flat area of soil, and lots of water. The garden tower greatly reduces the amount of water needed to grow 50 plants because there is no waste, and, it can also reduce a home’s grocery.

A special feature to this self-contained growing system is that it can rotate easily, which allows you easy access to all of your plants, and the ability to turn it at an angle that so that sunlight can reach the plants that need it most. Ideal for home balconies, backyards, commercial properties, restaurants, and schools, the Garden Tower 2 stands to revolutionize the ability to easily grow food anywhere.

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Grow a ton in an incredibly small footprint

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